Nose Meet Grindstone

Ha! Just kidding. I mean, I work hard when I’m at work, but today I am only working a half day. I like to eeeeease back into things. Also, I have to go get fitted for my custom old-lady orthotics. (No offense to all the non-ladies and non-olds who also wear orthotics.)

I would like to report on how I did with my vacation goals.

  1. A decent number of workouts – WOW. fail.Embarrassingly so. I worked out only on weekends. I am hanging my head in shame right now.
  2. A cleaning out of the closet. Everything that does not fit and/or has not been worn in the past year must go! Also, most high heels must go. *sob* – Again with the failing.  Oops!
  3. The results of said cleaning out must go out of the house. – Failing at #2 meant an automatic fail at #3.
  4. I will replace that damn kitchen light fixture that has been broken for eleventy years so that I can see when I do dishes after sunset. – I took the light fixture down, studied it in great detail, put it back up, and then forgot about it. Holy failing, Batman! (Hee – I typed Bathman, which I have decided is a much better superhero.)
  5. I will read some books – FINALLY! A SUCCESS! I read some books. I have book reviews coming up.
  6. I will only do the bare minimum amount of work/email checking that is necessary to meet some external deadlines. – I went to work for a half day on Wednesday. I could have done less, but I did need to go.
  7. I will have a good time – SUCCESS! I had a pretty good time. I went to OMSI with the sister, got lost, had lunch with the architect, happy hour with some friends, had a GREAT Thursday, and spent Friday with Bean. Fun times.
  8. I will make significant headway on the editing of the mss – success. Not an all caps success, but success all the same. I spent ALL DAY Thursday editing. And I was alternately happy with and despairing of the words. Poor Cat had to bear the brunt of my self-doubt and whining.

I probably should have also tried to take my new, excessively long pants to get hemmed, but instead they’re just folded neatly on a shelf in my closet and have become a cat bed. (As opposed to a Cat bed, which would just be weird.)

And now, my first day in the office is coming to a close as it’s time to head out for my old lady orthotics.

Later ‘gators!

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