Twenty-seven (27!) months with Alvie Bean

So I started this post on July 8 – aka the day you were 27 months old. And then work happened and I never finished. Oops! At this rate, I’m not going to make it to 36 months before I accidentally skip a month.

But – here we are in July.

Whoa, little dude! You are 2.25 years old. One quarter through your third trip around the sun. You, in other words, are becoming a very big boy.

Months 25 and 26 were hard. Month 27 seemed easy by comparison. Don’t get me wrong – you’re still a handful and a half from time to time – but you started bathing again and became slightly less sociopath-emo.

You run the gamut from über serious to completely silly and I love it.

Please don't talk to me. I'm reading.

Please don’t talk to me. I’m reading.

"I cwazy, mummy!"

“I cwazy, mummy!”


You continue to be able to instinctively differentiate between fruits and vegetables if they are not in pureed form. In other news, maybe everyone should buy stock in the Gerber Organics fruit & veg pouches. I do not know how, when presented with two brand new foods, you can tell which is the fruit (aka delicious) and which is the veg (AKA “I would rather die that put that cheese-sauce drenched green thing in my mouth”).



You are back to loving being immersed in water. And this blow-up pool is the best $12.99 I’ve ever spent, I think. We don’t make you wear clothes for back-yard swimming, and I’m afraid that will create a problem when we get to the pool next time.

Penis out, please

The most fun is going in and out repeatedly.

Your imagination is developing by leaps and bounds and I love it. It is so much fun hearing your made up stories and scenarios, although the story about the lots and lots of spiders that took naps in your hands at school was a little weird.

I go grocery store. Buy cheese sandwich.

I go grocery store. Buy cheese sandwich.


thanks a lot, daniel tiger

I in space boat, mummy. Zoom me. PEASE!

We are thisclose to being potty trained. You are dry in the morning (most of the time) and after naps, and are so good at telling me when you have to go. Until you get distracted and then, not so much. I know we’re almost there, though. It’s underwear at home and pull-ups and daycare for now, because I don’t want your teachers to hate me for having to change a soggy Alvie Bean every time you get too busy to remember your bladder.

His potty training reward for going several hours without accidents: an airplane!

His potty training reward for going several hours without accidents: an airplane!


Bedtime, which was a challenge for a couple of months, is mostly back on track. You get pretty wound up, but you’re no longer sobbing and sobbing when we leave you after stories and kisses. You always, always, always have to go potty twice, though. And since you’re actually going and waking up dry, that is not a bad compromise. (You even woke us up at midnight last night because you had to go potty. That was awesome.)

bye-bye mommy. I go sleep now, pease.

bye-bye mommy. I go sleep now, pease.


You are so daring and curious and adventuresome. You talk SO MUCH and tell such great stories. You always want to know “what’s dat?” and are starting to ask “why?” I’m sure there will be a point where I answer, “because that’s just the way it is, dammit,” but so far we’re not there yet.

I climb it.

I climb it.

You are easily frustrated when you can’t do it yourself, but are delighted when mommy or daddy can help you once you’ve asked for it. You know most of your ABCs, can count to 10 (as long as no one cares about #8), and know your first, middle, and last names.

Thanks for being the best, smartest, most handsome, and most wonderful kidlet a mama could ask for.

xoxo Bean.






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