Word Nerd: The End Times Are Nigh!

I was tweeting about Daniel Tiger (as you do) with Cat, and said that the end times were nigh, due to the prevalence of Daniel Tiger in my life. Cat referred me to Jack Van Impe, declaring that maybe he knew what he was talking about after all.

That led me to today’s beautiful word.


Isn’t that gorgeous?

EschatologyListeni/??sk??t?l?d?i/ is a part of theology concerned with what are believed to be the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end time“.

The word arises from the Greek???????/??????/???????.

First, it’s a fun word. Also, I love “end of times” shenanigans. When I was little, and being raised by a minister (and his wife), I read the Bible. A lot. My favorite book (not counting Song of Solomon, of course) was Revelations. So much bloody fun!

Secondly, the etymology is gorgeous. I love Greek. I tried to teach myself Greek once. It didn’t take. I’m not very good at languages, especially not at teaching myself languages. I am going to have to bite the bullet and sign up for real live Norwegian classes, because my apps are not cutting it. (Although I love Norwegian because it sounds to me like a German got drunk and tried to speak English at me.)

But I digress. Anyhoosits, eschatology. Super awesome word and one that definitely deserves to be in my lexicon. Use it. Love it. Wait for the world to end.


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