March 2014 Goals

Apparently I like to give the month a good start before reviewing old goals and posting new ones.

February 2014 Goals

  1. Run 50+ miles – FAIL! I have a ton of excuses: sick baby, snow days, sick baby…but the reality is I just wasn’t committed to it. Oh well.
  2. Write 25K+ words (this will be a slog, as today was the first day this month that I’ve written) – SUCCESS! Much easier to write than run on snow days and during sick baby nap times. Also, this is my primary commitment outside of work right now – and it shows. Seriously. I get up b/w 5 & 5:30 each morning to do this.
  3. Wash face each  night before bed (part of the good habits) – FAIL! But at least I’m staying on the flossing band wagon.
  4. 40+ oz/day of water AT HOME. – SUCCESS! I have been a water-drinking super start.
  5. Surpass 200 miles on my trip to Mordor. – So close, I’m calling it a SUCCESS! I made it to 198 and change by the end of 2/28. Less than 2 miles short of 200 for the year equals a win for me. Also makes me realize that I would’ve kicked my goal’s ass if I’d run more.
  6. Do something brave (like trying a new class or talking to a stranger) – SUCCESS – kind of. I signed up for something AND paid money for it, but it doesn’t actually start until 4/5/14. I have an entire month to gird my loins for talking to strangers.
  7. Have a fantastic birthday weekend. – mostly SUCCESS! The architect and I had a baby-sitter on the 22nd, and went out for dinner and drinks. I had a fantabulous 10 mile trail run on my birthday (in the very, very cold rain) and then a birthday burger and a partial birthday beer. I had to leave the bar to go pick up the feverish, double-ear infectioned baby.
  8. Institute Sunday Funday with the Bean. (Those are the architect’s long ride days as he gears up for his fourth Reach the Beach century ride, so the Bean and I will have longer and longer periods to ourselves.) – EHHH….between the sick and the weather, this was not terribly successful. We did, however, play in the snow a lot.
  9. Buy a bottle of whiskey. – SUCCESS! I am the proud owner of some 20-year Tullamore Dew. I have even had 2 fingers of it. Each sip makes me do this:
  10. Whiskey FaceKeep my action item folder down below 30 items at the end of each day. – unmitigated SUCCESS! I feel so much more productive at work.

March 2014 Goals

  1. Write 30,000 words
  2. Date night with the architect.
  3. Run 10 times
  4. Take the Bean swimming
  5. Fun weekend with my mom.
  6. Worry less. Still working on how to do this. Suggestions?
  7. Get ahead of my to do list at work.
  8. Diligently work on my whiskey appreciation plan.
  9. Order a gluten free birthday cake for the Bean
  10. No desserts, sweet coffees, or other extraneous sugars for 30 days.

I cannot wait for this month to be over!

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