Twenty-three (23!) Months with Alvie Bean

Dearest Bean,

You keep creeping closer and closer to age 2. What’s up with that? SLOW DOWN, buddy.

Again, you missed three days of school because of the sick. High fever, cough, general limp-noodle body. Turns out it was a double ear infection! Yay!

The nice thing about it, though, was the sheer amount of time we spent cuddling. You slay me when you look at me and say, “No play, mummy. Cuddle.”

Sick Bean

Sick Bean

You are still Daddy’s guy, although when you were sick, you did admit to occasionally being Mummy’s guy. And when you were sickest, you were Mummy’s baby guy.

Helping Daddy design some buildings - or improperly shut down his computer.

Helping Daddy design some buildings – or improperly shut down his computer.


You love to read so much. You always want one more ‘tory. You are, however, a bit hard on books and mummy was pretty upset when you ripped up a page in her childhood book “The Train to Timbuctoo.” It’s now on the forbidden shelf, although I will still read it – because I love to hear you read it with me.

weading. Clackety Clack.

weading. Clackety Clack.


You love the iPad (or Pa-pad, as you call it) and are always begging for “your” iPad.

It's educational!

It’s educational!

You also are still working on getting the cats to accept you as a treasured member of the family. You might make more headway if you wouldn’t insist that Dah-win wear your hat.

Oh, the indignity.

When you were sick, you asked me to paint your nails your new favorite color: punk. I don’t have pink – not one of my favorite colors – but we found some coral and that worked marvelously.

2014-02-26 15.19.10

You are quite the mischief maker and are oh-so-smart. That drives mummy crazy as you’re always finding new and interesting ways to get into trouble.

I don't know what you just did, but I bet you weren't supposed to do it.

I don’t know what you just did, but I bet you weren’t supposed to do it.

You love music and you love to dance. And I love watching you dance. (Sometimes, we do karaoke dance parties and I attempt to teach you how to two-step to really fast country songs, but alas! there are no videos of that.)

Last weekend, we decided that your unevenly cut, crazy floppy hair needed to go. It was getting ridiculous, and every time we tried to trim it, it just got weirder and weirder.

So, we got out the clippers.

This could actually be a small pet. But it’s not.

Isn’t that a ridiculous amount of hair? It’s so weird seeing you without it. So weird, in fact, that when I went to pick you up Tuesday from daycare, I asked the teacher where you were and she pointed at you. You were right there, in profile (reading, natch). It’s pretty embarrassing when you don’t recognize your own kid.

But c’mon – look at this!

2014-03-01 16.26.51-1

Hair aww gone.

Hair aww gone.

You look like such a big boy, now! It slays me. I can’t believe you’re almost two. Every day there’s a new experience, a new word or phrase. Watching you learn experience the world (flowers! birds! puddles! thnow still awww gone!) is amazing. Thanks for letting me come along for the wonder ride.

Love and kithes,





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