May I have some stress with a side of ack!, please?

I am such a crappy blogger lately. I’ve no idea what’s going on. Well, other than my project board at work having 14 projects on it, eight of which are due before the end of May. Oh, and I have this small child that I am still (still!) expected to feed and clothe, because even though he’s one now, he’s still not contributing to his own upkeep. Freeloader!

I also enjoy occasionally seeing that architect-guy.

And I’m trying to get in some exercise, with varying success. My social life is non-existent at this point, and apparently last on the list is blogging.

But not because I don’t love you! I do. Especially you. You are pretty.

Anyways –

I am still alive, he architect is still awesome, and Alvie Bean is still completely adorable.

I tell the best jokes.

I tell the best jokes.

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