One Year with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie Bean,

Today you are 1! ONE! That is just full of crazy.


A year ago, you looked like this:

1st picture


Going Home Day

Month One:

006_5812 (Rapid City, SD)

Month Two:012_6812

Month Three:

3 months old

Month  4:

Month 4


Month Five:

Month 5


Month Six:

Month 6

Month Seven:

Month 7


Month Eight:

Month 8


Month Nine:

Month 9

Month Ten:

Month 10

Month Eleven:

Month Eleven

In just the last month, you’ve come so far!  You are always active, always moving, and learning so much.

You are mastering walking, and are slowing moving away from crawling.


You love outside, and especially enjoy picking and eating flowers, as well as eating dirt and rocks. Yum!


This month hasn’t been all good things. We found out that you are allergic to eggs! (In addition to your allergies to avocado and banana, and perhaps grapes as we discovered today.) That was not a fun day. NOT FUN AT ALL. Mama would appreciate it if you would just keep your allergies to yourself from now on.

You are working on teeth 7 & 8, and that’s not a whole lot of fun, either.


However, nothing can keep you down for long!


You are becoming quite a talker, and hi! (definitely with an exclamation point) is your favorite word. You did learn a new one last weekend, though, and practiced saying “no no no no no!” quite a bit.

I’m excited to spend some outdoor time with you now that you have your very own bike helmet and bike seat. You aren’t sure how you feel about the helmet yet (you kind of hate hats), but you do enjoy the cycling!


Yesterday was your first birthday party, and wow! That was fun. There were so many presents. Your friends Esme & Penny came and celebrated with you, and there was cake!

birthday cake


This last year has been such a crazy ride. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!



4/8/13 at 5:39 pm (exactly 1 year old!)

Exactly One Year Old

I love you!





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