January 2013 Goals

First off, I just have to say: Thanks  be to all that’s holy that 2012 is almost over. Seriously. Less than 24 hours.

I am writing this a couple of days early, as I am in Bend right now, but let’s just go ahead and assume the last 3 days of 2012 passed with little to no drama. knock on wood, fingers crossed, and any other good luck superstitions I can think of.

And now – let’s review the last month of last year:

December 2012 Goals

  1. Finish all holiday shopping & mailing by 12/14. – ehhh…mostly success. I’ll call it good.
  2. Get holiday card photo taken, printed & mailed, also by 12/14 – ha ha ha. Fail. Maybe a New Year’s card.
  3. Do not overdo it. December is busy. Busy can be bad. It’s okay to be a hermit from time to time. – pretty good. I both was social and was anti-social, so overall win.
  4. Empty to-do folder at work. – mostly success; good enough
  5. Childproof the kitchen (the living room is done!) – probably not good enough, but the Bean is still alive.

December 2012 Training Goals

Exercise this month was crap. I did great the first week, and then after y 10 mile run, everything hurt so badly that even swimming sucked. And then – I got busy, and stressed, and lazy.

  1. Finish half marathon (and be okay with the likely PW) – I did not even start. :*( It was the right decision, but it saddened me.
  2. Swim every week – Mondays – I swam the 1st two Mondays of the month, and then never again.
  3. Bike trainer every week – Tuesdays – I biked once.
  4. Short run every week – Wednesdays – Not even once. Oops.
  5. P90X Core workout every week – Fridays – Again – nothing.
  6. Yoga every week – Saturdays – Nope. And after the finger dislocation, yoga seemed a bad idea.
  7. Long run ever week – Sundays – Ummm…the aforementioned 10 miler was the only one.

At this point (I am writing on 12/28), I am planning on running on 12/29 & 12/31. We’ll see how that goes.

And now for the good stuff!

A new year! Yay!

January 2013 Goals

  1. Take my little dude swimming every weekend
  2. Bring my lunch to work every day – no hitting the cafeteria
  3. Holiday stuff all put away by Monday 1/7
  4. 5+ servings of fruits/veggies every day
  5. 60+ oz of water/day

January 2013 Exercise Goals

  1. Finish 1st 10K in the series
  2. Walk and/or run every day, even if it’s just a mile
  3. Move for least 20 minutes each day
  4. 15 minutes of core work at least 2 x/week (preferably 3-4 x/week)
  5. Hit the park for play with Alvie Bean as often as possible (hopefully once/week depending on weather).
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