Eight Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Baby Bean –

You are a joy. An active, crazy, constantly moving, smiley joy.

You are learning everything so fast! You love to stand up, even though you can’t do it without help.


You have mastered going from sitting to tummy & back again, and you love showing off. You are constantly trying pull yourself up to standing, to varying degrees of success. I am considering buying you a helmet – you hit your head almost as much as mama does.

You talk a LOT. All the time. (Again, like mama, I think.) You’ve finally started saying mama. But not as often as I think you should. You melt my heart when you reach your arms up to me, and I love cuddling with you when you’ll let me. You’re pretty independent, though, and cuddles are often reserved for times when you’re very tired or not feeling so hot.

You are still (and from what I understand, this will not stop any time soon) eating everything that you can stick in your mouth.

One of my favorite things about you is your relationship with your daddy. You guys are awesome together.


You love reading books. You also love eating books, but I understand. Sometimes words can be very delicious.


You love the outdoors, and I love that we’ve had decent enough weather to have some good outdoor time the last month.


You have stopped sleeping through the night. You usually only take one nap per day. I do not like that. However, I think you are growing, growing, growing. And teething. STILL TEETHING. It’s the teething that never ends. However – you do have a nubbin that’s finally punched through. Kind of. It’s sharp, but not particularly first-tooth-like.

However, all that lack of sleep does mean that you do occasionally just pass out.


It’s been a much better month than the last couple, and you are a great little guy that I feel privileged to know.

I am so excited for your first holiday season, with a tree, and presents, and cuteness. You are so awesome.

I love you, little Bean.



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