Move It, Monday. (Or Move It Monday!)

Either works.

Today, we are all home sick. I will be going into work in a little bit, but it’s been a rough 36 hours. Alvie Bean has a baby cold (which he promptly shared with me & the architect).  Snuffly, wheezy, snotty, and gross. There has been a lot of waking up at night on Saturday & Sunday night, so in addition to feeling like I got  hit by a truck, I am also more sleep deprived than I’ve been in ages.

I think Alvie is feeling better this morning. He is breathing better and is a little more smiley. He is pretty tired, as well, though.

Yesterday was rough. For most of the day, if he was awake, he wanted to be held, and he specifically wanted to be held by the person who could give him comfort nursing. So, even though I didn’t feel too bad for most of yesterday, I didn’t get to leave the house (except a quick run to the grocery store during a nap). We spent most of yesterday cuddling and nursing.

What that means, in terms of moving it, is that I didn’t get my bike ride in. So – triathlon in 2 weeks; 16 mile ride, and I haven’t been on my bike since July? That’s going to work out well. I am riding to work tomorrow (I need to get a light for morning; it’s dark now at 6 am, as I found out last Tuesday), and will try to ride Friday & Sunday, then next Tuesday again. I know I CAN ride 16 miles; I just was hoping to be a bit better trained.

Oh well – my triathlon goals are

  1. Finish
  2. Don’t finish last (A Goal)

And that’s it.

But this week, plans are

Monday – rest, eat soup, drink plenty of water, go to bed by 8:30.

Tuesday – Bike to work & back (about 20 miles round trip)

Wednesday – AM swim

Thursday – PM swim

Friday – AM run/mid-AM walk/PM bike

Saturday – AM trail run

Sunday – AM bike

I know I can do the swim, I know I can do the run, and I know that I cannot PR this thing (besides, the bike is 4 miles longer than other sprint tris I’ve done, so even in tip-top shape, it would be hard to PR). So – I need to just go easy and go hard and have fun.

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