Five Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Alvie –

Today you are five months old! You are such a big boy, now. I can hardly believe how much you change all the time.

In the last month you have worked so hard at sitting up – and you do okay, sometimes. You can sit unassisted for several seconds at a time, and even longer if you hold yourself up with  your hands.


In addition to the sitting up, you also love to be held in a standing position, and you attempt to move through a violent throwing about of your body. You have figured out that you can go new places through a combination of scooting and rolling. The days of you staying put are long gone!


Now that you are back in your own room, you generally go to bed really well. You don’t like to nap – I think you’re afraid you’ll miss something – so you do tend to get a bit cranky by the end of the day. You’ve also been teething. You are special – your teeth that are working so hard at coming in are not your front teeth. Oh, no – you’re going right for the vampire fangs. I don’t remember getting my first teeth, but it doesn’t seem  like a lot of fun.


Last weekend, we started with real food. You had been getting so upset when Mama and Daddy would eat and not share. Even having a bottle during dinner was not enough, so I got you some very exciting rice cereal. You were skeptical at first, but then you loved it! Eating with a spoon! Yay! Yesterday morning at breakfast, you decided that the Mama food-delivery system was not fast enough and you grabbed the spoon out of my hand and tried to feed yourself. You didn’t do a very good job, unless your goals was to spread the food all over your body and absorb it by osmosis, but you sure had a good time! Today we’re going to move up to sweet potatoes! Yum!


You are becoming quite the talker. You love to tell stories to your Mama and Daddy, and to your monkey friends. You have two monkey friends, but tiny creepy sock monkey/handkerchief thing is your bestest friend and you cannot fall asleep without him. Mama and Daddy are getting quite adept at sneaking the monkey out of your arms once you’ve fallen asleep.


You are all smiles almost all the time. It’s rare to see you in a serious or pensive mood. The only times you cry are when you’re wet (oh, you hate being even a tiny bit damp), when you’re hungry (if mama isn’t fast enough), and when you’re too exhausted to fall asleep. The rest of the time, you are cheery. Except for every once in a while when you are thinking the big thoughts. I don’t know what these big thoughts are, but I’m guessing they involve boobs.


You love other babies. You want to do all the things the big kids do – like sit up, and crawl, and walk – and you love to look at the little babies.

Mama’s had a hard month, but you can always make me smile. I am working my hardest to be the happiest and best mama that I can be for you. You are so amazing, little guy.

I love you.



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