Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I desperately need to go shopping. I am still a bit too big for my pre-pregnancy work clothes, and the one pair of pants I bought developed a hole in the butt (which I did not notice until the architect pointed it out at the end of a long work day). Yesterday I actually wore maternity pants to work so I could have something professional-ish to wear.


2. I really need to drink more water.  Hydration should’ve been part of my AGGRESSIVE HAPPINESSTM goals. Perhaps I will add it as AGGRESSIVE HAPPINESSTM goal #4.


3. I have not been to Toast once this year. Isn’t that crazy? I was a Toast evangelist. I did contests! And was the President! And then 2012 happened to me, and it was all too much. I needed to cut things out of my life, and that was what went. I keep thinking I’ll go back (I’m two speeches away from being a Competent Communicator). I was so into it! I wanted to be a Distinguished Toastmaster! And now I’m back at work (where my club meets), and I haven’t been back. I haven’t renewed my dues. And I feel guilty about it. But only a little…I really don’t need another thing right now, and Toast really did serve its purpose. I can write and give good, entertaining speeches now. I am no longer terribly nervous when speaking in front of a group. My graduation award acceptance speech was not so good, but it could’ve been if I’d practiced (ahem!) and not brought my baby (or ignored him). So – do I need to return to Toast? Maybe. But do I need to return right now? Not so much.




  1. 30 minutes of movement by 7 am every morning. (2 successes in the 2 days since I started!)
  2. One social engagement/week. (nothing yet – but I do have a social engagement tomorrow!)
  3. In bed by 9:30/lights out by 10 every night. (1 success in 1 night!)
  4. Three full bottles of water/day (1/1)
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