Three Months With Alvie Bean

Dear Little Dude –

I cannot believe that three months have already gone by. I should be able to believe it, because I’m already back at work, but still! It feels as if you’ve been with us only a day and forever already.

You continue to be the best baby ever born (I am not biased at all). When I come into your room for your first morning feeding, you always give me the biggest smile.

When I pick you up from the nanny’s after work, you giggle at me and that just melts my heart.

You are so good at the nanny’s. The first day, you refused to eat, but now you’re eating like a champ and taking great naps. On the days that we’re together, we have so much fun. We play on the play mat, have some great tummy time, and talk a LOT.

You are also getting super mobile. No matter how I lay you down, within 20 minutes, you’ve rotated. I haven’t figured out how you do it yet, but the evidence is there.

10 minutes ago, his feet were at the keyboard


You are also at the stage where EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. Your toys, your carseat straps, your clothes, your mama (ha! your mama!), and frequently, your hands.

You love going for walks, and often if you’re fussy, just being strapped in your carseat calms you down. You sometimes fall asleep, but if it’s not too sunny, and we keep the shade up, you love to watch me and anything else you can see.

“Why aren’t we going, already!? Enough with the photos, Mom!”


The other morning, you woke up at about 4:30, and I was not fast enough with the diaper change. I turned around to grab a clean diaper, hoping to calm you down (read: shut you up) and when I turned back around, you were on your belly. You were so surprised that it did shut you up for a few seconds, and then you were so confused about the new position that you yelled a little bit louder in protest. You haven’t yet repeated the back to belly rollover (nor the belly to back rollover of 3 weeks ago), but I know as soon as you can roll over on purpose, I am in big, big trouble.

You’re no longer content to lay on your play mat all the time, and the swing isn’t as much fun anymore either (unless you’re tired). What you want to do know is sit up. Unfortunately, you really can’t yet. Your head isn’t quite as wobbly, but you are unable to sit on your own. But propped or held up is almost as awesome.

You are turning into quite the mister grabby hands. You love to grab the elephant and bird on your play mat. You love to shake your rattle. And you love to lift your shirt up to show off your gorgeous round belly.

One of my favorite parts about being your mama is watching you and daddy together. You smile so big when you see him and he loves you so much. I love that he knows that you are the most awesome baby in the world. He is such a great dad and you are a lucky little guy to belong to him.

This is my third week back at work, my second week back in the office and my first full 4-day week (yay for a mid-week holiday last week!). I have such mixed feelings about this. One on hand, if it were feasible for me to stay home with you, I probably would. However, I am very much enjoying being back to work and the only real guilt I feel about that is feeling guilty about not feeling guilty. I generally enjoy my job, I am enjoying getting out of the house. (And having to get dressed in real clothes! And showering! And wearing jewelry that won’t get yanked on [most likely]!) I think that having a happy mommy is going to be great for you. Plus, daddy & I have worked it out so that he usually drops you off with the nanny and I pick you up, so you get quality one-on-one time with each of us every day.

You continue to be a great sleeper – with one exception. You hate GOING to sleep. I think you’re afraid you’re going to miss something cool. Getting you to nap or go to bed is becoming a bit of a struggle. Once you’re in bed for the night, you’re good for 9 hours or so, it’s just convincing you that yes, you are the tiredest baby in the land that’s challenging. Mommy has made up so many lyrics to lullaby type songs in the past few days. Lyrics that are unprintable, occasionally. Lyrics that are reminiscent of my favorite kids’ book ever. Mommy will probably need to tone down her sailor’s mouth pretty soon.

But – overall, you are amazing and beautiful and perfect. You change so much every day, and it’s hard for me to believe that it was only three months ago that you looked like this in Daddy’s lap:

And now you look like this:

Even when I’m tired, or frustrated, or trying so hard to pump enough milk for you at work (the hardest part of this whole gig), I can’t help marveling at how thoroughly and awesomely you have turned my life upside down.

I love you little dude.




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