Shoesday – Garden Party
Shoesday – Garden Party

Shoesday – Garden Party

And not just shoes. I am graduating in August (well, I have a diploma, so I guess I’m already graduated, but I’m walking at the ceremony in August) and I need a new fancy outfit to wear under my (likely) highly flammable gown & regalia.

Since I am celebrating at my home the next day, I can wear the same clothes twice!

So- this is what I’m thinking something like this:


kate spade new york ‘jada’ dress


With a hat!


And perhaps some new, summery shoes:

Prada Beaded Platform Sandal


And obviously, I’ll need a new bag:

Lanvin ‘Happy’ Glazed Leather Shoulder Bag


Oh, what’s that you say? You’re not supposed to spend more on your graduation attire than you did on your degree?

Well, maybe I’ll scale it back a bit, then!


What would you wear to a garden party? And, even more importantly, what would you serve?


  1. Well, at Cambridge, they’re awfully big on strawberries and champagne. As well as jugs of Pimm’s and Lemonade.

    I’ll wear my suede bucks or my suede saddle shoes for the occasion.

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