Fitness Friday

Yeah – this last week sucked for fitness. I do really well for about 2 weeks in a row, and then I just get lazy. Maybe I need to plan my workout that way. Two weeks of hardcore, followed by a week of less (softcore?).  Why not just plan around my natural inclinations instead of trying to be hardcore 100% of the time? Also, maybe don’t expect hardcore on the first week back to work after 12 weeks off.

So – last week’s fitness goals:

Friday 6/29 – walk 3ish miles (done!); trail run (C25K week 4/day 1) – Well, I walked. Which was easy, since I’d done that before writing my goals. I did not run.

Saturday 6/30 – P90X shoulders & arms + ab ripper – I did Friday’s C25K workout (week 4, day 1)

Sunday 7/1 – C25K week 4/day 2 – I did 2 hours of yard work. No running.

Monday 7/2 – swim – Nope

Tuesday 7/3 – P90X core – Nope

Wednesday 7/4 – C25K week 4/day 3; P90X plyometrics – Nope

Thursday 7/5 – P90X shoulders + arms/ab ripper – Nope

Yeah…not so awesome. BUT – this week will be better.


Friday – C25K week 4/day 2; P90X shoulders/arms/abs

Saturday – P90X Plyo; yard work

Sunday – C25K week 4/day 3 (trail); P90X legs/back/abs

Monday – P90X Core

Tuesday – Bike to Work

Wednesday – AM Swim; PM C25K Week 5/Day 1

Thursday – Rest

Total Hours Planned: 8ish

Also – if I miss one workout, it’s okay. I can just go ahead and do the next one! It’s not all or nothing!


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