Three (3!) Things Thursday

Quick 3 things today –

1. Swimming! I swam again last night, and it was good. I went pretty slow because there were 4 other people circle swimming in the same lane, and they were not fast. However, as I was entering my swim into my spreadsheet, I realized that March was one of my highest yardage months EVER AND, my fastest paced swim in the last 18 months was the last pre-Alvie swim. 1800 yds at 39.5 weeks pregnant. That means that I do have the capacity for greater speed, I think. I should be able to go faster as a non-pregnant person! 🙂

soon! I just need to pick a tri for late summer, now!

2. Gardening! Everything is in the ground that needs to be in the ground. Tomatoes, peppers, squashes of all varieties. I even planted a lemon cucumber plant for Sarah. The corns (plants) are doing well and will probably all get names in the next week.

My First Corn! (ca. 2009)



3. Martinis! Tonight! My first martini in…waaaaaaaaay too long. I don’t even remember when, that’s how long it’s been. I cannot wait.

It's martini time! (April 2011)

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