Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I love how many guesses there are so far on yesterday’s “guess the baby arrival day” contest. Everything ranging from March 14 (which, no! too early John!) to April 10 (which no! too late, Megan!) My personal preference would be to give birth sometime between 3/31 & 4/6. (Although if I’m completely honest, if I could wrap up my work stuff & have that baby any time after March 19 would be fine. So – get your guesses in! Win a prize! Because who doesn’t like guessing on a perfectly random event?

34.5 weeks pregnant


2. I made steel-cut oats this morning for breakfast for the first time. Much tastier than my usual instant oatmeal. Also much more time consuming. I think that I will have to make this ahead of time & start taking it to work to heat up. Any oatmeal advice for me?

Image used under creative commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


3. Today is the first day of my exciting birthday 4-day weekend! Which means tomorrow is my birthday! This is the weekend of 35! I will turn 35 tomorrow. I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Monday! Also on Monday? 35 days left until my due date! I feel that I need to do 35 things this weekend. Or maybe just eat 35 pancakes…or cupcakes…or some other kind of cakes. ANYWAYS – happy weekend of 35 to me!

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