Were you looking for me?

Yesterday, I was perusing my stats, as I do, and I noticed that I had three very intriguing search terms that were bringing people to my site. They were so interesting, in fact, that I couldn’t keep it all to myself!

  1. Are gazelles waterproof? Answer: Not really – we’re more water resistant, actually.
  2. No excuses for exercising Comment: You have to make excuses to exercise? That seems…weird. BUT hey! whatever works.
  3. Bear pancakes. Comment: That sounds potentially dangerous, and not that tasty. Even if that’s a misspelling, and you meant “beer pancakes,” I’m still not sold.


Happy Friday, everyone!

5 responses to “Were you looking for me?

  1. I feel like we need to take this Bear Pancakes thing on as a challenge. We each create a plate of pancakes that we think deserves to be called Bear Pancakes, and then we have a pancake eat-off and decide a winner.

    I’m thinking blackberry pancakes in the shape of a bear claw. With whipped cream, you know, like bears like.

  2. hmmm. maybe bear SHAPED pancakes?

    (btw, you look so freaking cute in your maternity suit! and SO GLAD all your work / school stuff is wrapping up!)

  3. you live in oregon, you can have marionberry pancakes and call them bear pancakes.

  4. Dammit people now I want pancakes…they aren’t paleo friendly. Though I did make some badass almond meal/pumpkin ones the other weekend…so tasty. Sound weird but so good—even Justin liked them…though I think he would like the BEER ones better.