Were you looking for me?
Were you looking for me?

Were you looking for me?

Yesterday, I was perusing my stats, as I do, and I noticed that I had three very intriguing search terms that were bringing people to my site. They were so interesting, in fact, that I couldn’t keep it all to myself!

  1. Are gazelles waterproof? Answer: Not really – we’re more water resistant, actually.
  2. No excuses for exercising Comment: You have to make excuses to exercise? That seems…weird. BUT hey! whatever works.
  3. Bear pancakes. Comment: That sounds potentially dangerous, and not that tasty. Even if that’s a misspelling, and you meant “beer pancakes,” I’m still not sold.


Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Jen

    I feel like we need to take this Bear Pancakes thing on as a challenge. We each create a plate of pancakes that we think deserves to be called Bear Pancakes, and then we have a pancake eat-off and decide a winner.

    I’m thinking blackberry pancakes in the shape of a bear claw. With whipped cream, you know, like bears like.

  2. Alisa

    Dammit people now I want pancakes…they aren’t paleo friendly. Though I did make some badass almond meal/pumpkin ones the other weekend…so tasty. Sound weird but so good—even Justin liked them…though I think he would like the BEER ones better.

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