Three (3!) Things Thursday

Totally a pregnancy-related post. SORRY!

1. Today is my glucose screening test. I hope I pass. In my whole life, I’ve only failed one test, I think (if it’s more, I’ve blocked the memory & don’t need to be reminded!). I know this isn’t something I can study for, but I’m nervous!  Wish me luck (and no gestational diabetes)!

2. Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester and sporting a ginormous baby bump (one I’m sure will only continue to grow!) I was curious to see how much I’ve changed since the end of my 1st trimester. Fortunately for you, I have pictures:

~Week 14:


And now – same outfit, same pose, 13 weeks later:


That’s just crazy, right?


3. I am alternately excited and terrified about what will happen in ~13 more weeks. Not so much the part where the baby comes out (I understand that’s pretty much inevitable at this point), but the part where the hospital is going to let me take a newborn home with me! Without a license!  CRAZY! I have such weird dreams (mostly awful) about how I will completely fail as a mother and caretaker, but when I’m awake & my subconscious isn’t fucking with me, I’m pretty excited to meet little Alvie Bean & cuddle him on the outside (which has to be waaaaay more comfortable than cuddling him inside my rib cage).  However, if he looks like this when he’s born, I am going to demand a refund.

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