Working on my weekend

Today is my day off (I have every Friday off; it’s my favorite part about my job). However, after taking all of last week off PLUS having Monday as a holiday, today is more of a working day off. I am still at home, but did an hour or so of work this morning & will do another hour of work this afternoon.

It was, fortunately, broken up by PANCAKES! with my neighbor Alisha. (YAY! Pancakes!)

I know that I left you all hanging in regards to my glucose tolerance test yesterday, but no need to wait with bated breath anymore! I passed! WOO! No gestational diabetes for me! (Also, everything else looks good. Everything is just exactly as it should be! YAY Alvie!)

However, now that I am firmly in the very beginning of my third trimester, I’ve noticed a few…odd…things.

I have an overwhelming urge to organize things. Like the office. And the kitchen. And the pantry. THINGS NEED TO BE ORGANIZED! Unfortunately, I am currently operating under a restriction of how much activity I can currently do and how much I am allowed to lift. I tend to err on the side of too much, and am trying to NOT get too ambitious and completely destroy my pelvic joint (which I have apparently unwittingly damaged).

So – I am making lists, instead, and resisting giving them to the architect.

I have a list for all the stuff we need to own by March 1.

I have a list for all the stuff that needs to be packed in my hospital bag (also by March 1)

I have a list of all the things that need to be done around the house (again – March 1!), including the pantry, kitchen, office, goodwill trips, etc.

I am starting a list of all the foodstuffs I want in the freezer by April 1 so that I don’t have to worry about dinner prep for a month (any suggestions of good, healthy food that freezes well WELCOME).

I also have work related lists.

Fortunately, I will not have to worry about school! YAY! 6 weeks left of grad school! In fact, I just filled out my application for an advanced degree. My commencement ceremony will be ~August 11 (not set in stone! Don’t book your tickets just yet!) of 2012, and I’m thinking of having a little celebratory reception at my home the next day, so that I can eat graduation cake, and drink graduation punch, and walk around in my robe feeling masterful. You are all invited.  It will be beautiful, so we’ll have it on the deck, and then maybe a fire in the firepit that evening.


Yeah – a lot of crazy here….

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