The 12 Days of Gazellemas: Day 2 (Tradition, tradition!)

Yesterday was almost as productive as I’d planned – and in my world lately, that is a definite win.  Today is not so  much about productivity.

One thing I’ve been very concerned about (perhaps a little too concerned if you listen to certain other humans who live in my household) is traditions. I want holiday traditions.

The architect & I grew up in fairly different environments. He is from Hot-lanta (read: URBAN!) and I am from a small (~120 peeps) town in South Dakota (i.e. not so much urban there). My family tended more towards religious observations than his (lots more). Different (relatively speaking) cultures = different ideas of how things are done AND different foods that should happen during said holiday observations.

I was reminiscing about my christmas eves when I was growing up, but I’m pretty sure that what I remember was not the rule, just the rule that I made in my own head. It’s possible that my memory is correct – for one or two of the years, but I’m not sure it was a written in stone tradition.

In my memory, on Christmas Eve, there were 4 important things: (a) lasagna, (b) xmas eve candlelight service at church, (c) eggnog (homemade, natch), and (d) one present.

I am 100% confident that (b) was something that happened every year, but the other three things? Not positive.

So – for the architect, there was cards & television and one present.

Last year, I decided that our xmas eves would be oyster stew, cheese and crackers, nog & one present.

Turns out that while I make a wonderful oyster stew, I actually hate it, so that won’t make it to the tradition list.

I would like to have xmas music, candles, nog, and one present, and think I’m going to have to work to make that happen. It is the season of light festivals – everyone seems to have one. The solstice is over and the sun is coming back – candles and happy songs seem to be a good way to celebrate, regardless of religious affiliation.

Only one more dilemma – what to serve for noms? (Very important dilemma.)


On the 2nd day of gazellemas, Amy gave to me:  two empty boxes, and

A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!

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