The 12 Days of Gazelle-mas: Day 1

Welcome to day 1 of the last substantial chunk of time I will ever have off work pre-Alvie bean. (I actually only have 11 days off, but we’re pretending it’s 12 to lend a little verisimilitude to my post titles.)

Last night, I got home later than I usually prefer, but there was a package! Addressed to me! YAY!  I opened it immediately in case it contained perishables or dinner. It had neither. However, it did have a gift for Alvie Bean in it! It wasn’t wrapped, but I think I got it put away before he saw. (ha ha ha.)

Look what Grandma & Grandpa Gazelle sent!

The little red thing sticking out of the pocket is a tiny, tiny stocking. The noted that accompanied the stocking says that it was my stocking from 1976 – two months before I was born. How awesome is that? (It has a B for Baby! Or possibly Bean!)

(Just wait until day 5 of Gazellemas when there are shoooooooes!)

My plans today include yoga, hitting up Powell’s, and then finding that last bit of giftie for the architect. Then possibly a little work (not the best vacation ever, but at least I can do that in my yoga clothes), some laundry, and a bit of puzzling.


On the 1st day of gazellemas, my parents gave to me: A Pooh Bear outfit, adorable and twee!

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