August 2011 Goals
August 2011 Goals

August 2011 Goals

But, as always, let’s see how I did in July….

July 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs – Seriously. I mean it.FAIL. And honestly, at this point, I give up. I’m 2 months away from my marathon and I’m freaking hungry all the time. I have lost inches, but not weight, and will revisit after the marathon.
  2. Finish guest room fancifying – Ditto. – FAIL. BUT – I have a deadline! We will have guests in mid-September, so I need to get ‘er done by then.
  3. Make more Parmesan – SUCCESS! I have made the Parmesan, and in approximately a year, we’ll know how that turned out!
  4. Finish the month confident in my ability to do my new job.  – SUCCESS! I am definitely feeling a lot more confident with my job. There are still things I’m learning, but I’m getting there!
  5. Get bathroom cost estimate completed, find a plumber, and get the bathroom remodel started – half SUCCESS! We are getting there, things are in process (we want this to be done by the time our guests arrive in September, too).
  6. Do PT exercises every non-running day! Starting today, obviously. – half SUCCESS! I did my PT exercises a lot, but not every day. However, I did graduate from PT and my physical therapist actually told me that I look graceful when I run. suck it! (I’m not sure who that’s directed towards, but it felt necessary.)

July 31 day challenge

I am going to go back to the “picture a day” challenge. I like that one.  Also, less time consuming than some others I have on my list. :)   Keep an eye on the sidebar for the updates!

I did pretty good with this, not every day, but most days! Go, me!

July Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 16x this monthFAIL! Again, only 10 times this month. I always do 10.
  2. Run 80 miles  – FAIL! I ran 67.35  miles this month, which was still 22 more than last month, so  not a real fail at all!
  3. Lift weights at least three times – FAIL!  I lifted weights approximately zero times. No excuses except that I really don’t like to lift, so that’s always the workout that gets skipped.
  4. 25 hours of exercise – minimum! It should be waaay more than this. :)SUCCESS! I worked out 29 hours (and 5 minutes) in July, not counting any yard work. This makes me so happy.
  5. Hit all planned long runs – until marathon training is over! – half SUCCESS! I missed one run (which is why I didn’t hit that 80 mile goal), but I did everything else! Yay!

August 2011 Goals

  1. Buy new sheets/comforter for the guest room (breaking it down into small tasks)
  2. Make Cheddar
  3. Buy the tile and new vanity for the bathroom
  4. Find a plumber
  5. Continue to do PT exercises twice a week
  6. Have a great time in South Dakota

August Training Goals

  1. Weights/Yoga/Swim/Bike – 12x this month(not 16, just a little more than the last months)
  2. Run 90 miles 
  3. Lift weights at least once
  4. 30 hours of exercise
  5. Hit all planned long runs – until marathon training is over!


    1. I have done a bodypump class, and for awhile, went almost religiously (at least once, sometimes twice a week). My current gym doesn’t have a class like that, though. 🙁

      I really want to LIKE lifting – I know that would really help me shed those stubborn lbs, increase the metabolism, etc., etc. – but just like bike riding, I can’t quite get into it.

  1. Yesterday’s Ironman training workout was a 20 mile bike ride followed immediately by a 10 mile run. The machines said I burned over 1900 calories just during the workout. My weight loss plan said that I shouldn’t eat more than 1800 calories a day.

    There is no need to try and keep losing weight during marathon training. Abandoning #1 is the best call. Fuel your workouts properly and you will be rewarded. I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to burn 1900 like that and only take in 1800. It’s not possible. Still….. ready to see these last 10 lbs come off of my belly.

    1. I imagine if you consistently burned 100 calories more in exercise than you take in each day, you’d lose weight fairly quickly. AFTER YOU DIE!

      Yeah, I need to keep fueling so I can keep up my kick-ass trail runs for the next couple of months, and there’s time enough to take off the last lbs later, right?

      Your IM training scares the daylights out of me, frankly. Every once in a while, I’m all “I like triathlons. And I like endurance sports. Maybe a 70.3 or even a full IM would be cool.” And then I read about people’s training, and realize that it would be insane. Thanks for keeping me real! 🙂

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