Long Run – So Many Firsts!

Today was my 15 mile long run in the marathon training cycle. There were so many firsts!

  1. First time I’ve ever run in Forest Park and started & ended at my house
  2. First time I’ve ever had to “find some bushes” while running
  3. First time I’ve almost gotten caught while using said bushes
  4. First time I’ve run over 14 miles since my last marathon in October 2009
  5. First time I’ve ever fallen during a run.

The last item is the only one that is even mildly upsetting.

I was running along on Wildwood, having a great run, and all of a sudden I was laying face first on the trail. I seriously felt like I’d gone from upright to kissing dirt with no transition.

The first thing I did (of course) was stop my Garmin. Then, and only then, did I evaluate the injury potential. My right shoulder was a bit sore – it seems apparent that I tried to break my fall with my right arm (it’s apparent by the fact that the entire underside of my arm from wrist to pit is covered in dirt).

The trail was dry, but I wasn’t, so my sweat mixed with the trail dust and gave me a lovely mud puddle look.

I decided I was fine – I didn’t even have any cuts (no blood, no foul, right?), so after walking a couple of minutes, I just started back up again.

My overall pace for my 15.25 mile run was 12:51, which considering the ~1700 feet of elevation gain is pretty damn good for me.

I think this is the best long run I’ve ever had, and that’s not just the endorphins talking!  With the exception of the fall, everything just went perfectly. I love Forest Park.


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