February 2011 Goals + Year of Months
February 2011 Goals + Year of Months

February 2011 Goals + Year of Months

Goal recaps!

January 2011 Goals

  1. Complete weeks 1-4 of the Couch to 5K program – SUCCESS! I have just started week 5, and things are going so well! WOO!
  2. Continue to yoga at a minimum of once a week – SUCCESS! I yoga’d five times in January. Woo!
  3. Get back to the gym for weights – FAIL!  I did not lift weights even once this month. Boo. 🙁
  4. Get car to the service center – SUCCESS! I took the car in on 1/29 (just slid in….)
  5. Take the first step needed to achieve job satisfaction – SUCCESS! I took the step referenced, although I don’t know how that’s working out yet.
  6. Lose 4-5 pounds. – SUCCESS! Almost. I lost 3 lbs (exactly) and 2% body fat. I’ll take it.

January 30 day challenge

No spending on things that are not necessary. – half success…I bought two books and signed up for one race. BUT, my miscellaneous spending in January was waaay less than previous months, and most of the things I put in my amazon “to buy later” cart, I ended up deleting after a few days.  I’m going to keep up with this. I need to consistently need something for 30 days before I can buy it (unless it’s an emergency, or something, like cheese, or gin).

February 2011 Goals

  1. Lose 3-4 lbs (This will be a goal every month until I reach my eventual goal of 20 lbs total – 3 down, 17 to go!)
  2. Run 3 continuous miles
  3. Weights – 4x this month!
  4. Get the garden 100% planned out & the early stuff planted
  5. Get the house & yard spring-cleaned and ready for action
  6. New mattress & furnishings for our fancy new guest room
  7. Upstairs storage solutions DONE
  8. Pool – 4x
  9. Continue the detox theme with having only limited caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy & alcohol (great start this morning when I left my coffee on the kitchen counter as I rushed out to catch the bus!)
  10. Turn 34 (got to have one place where I know I’ll succeed, right?)

February 30 day challenge

Meditate every day; even if it’s a crappy meditation. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. At the end of every meditation, take a moment to be grateful for everything that I have.

January Training in Review

I completed weeks 1-4 of the C25K, and logged a total of 23.66 miles of walking & running (I counted them separately until the end of last week when the walk breaks became MUCH less significant to the program).

I biked 5 times, including one (outdoor) 12 mile ride

I swam only once – boo! – for 1200 yds

I attended 5 yoga classes

I lost 3 lbs & almost 2% body fat.

I went from an average pace in my first C25K workout of 15 minute miles (over 2 miles) to 11:37 pace over 3.


  1. Emily

    So happy I could participate on part of these goals. Keep in mind you can always do your meditation in the Yin classes too (that’s as long as I’m not babbling away too much, but you can even tune me out to complete a more challenging meditation, right?).

    Good work!

  2. Alisa

    I figured out I can access google reader from work just not my email…muhahahaha.

    Great job on C25k, I swear that program is great for easying back in.

    I really like your 30-day before buying thing, I should try that, except for the absolutely necessary which for me is COFFEE (and maybe some new jeans now that I can wear jeans to work on fridays, I realized I only have two pair!).

    What are we doing for your birthday?????

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