Brew Review #21 (and #20!)

OMG, my bloggy beer drinkers! Can you believe that I haven’t posted a brew review since August?  CRAZY!

So, since then, there have been two brew reviews.

The first, on October 1, 2010, was at Hair of the Dog.

I cannot find my notes, and I know I didn’t take any pictures, so let me sum up thusly.

1. The beer was fine.

2. The food was fine.

3. The service was completely & totally atrocious.

4. The best tasting beer (of course, I don’t remember the name) was not available as a full pour, only a sample.

5. The location/ambiance was good! I’d been there in May for Fred Fest when they weren’t quite street legal yet, and it’s turned out really cute! I’ll go back in a few months to see if they’ve gotten their service act together.

AND, Brew Review #21 – at the new Columbia River Brewing (they are located in the old Laurelwood Hollywood location) on December 10, 2010.

First off, this was my third (possibly fourth) trip here. I love the location. I volunteer near there. And I love everything else about them, too.

The line-up

I, of course, started off with the sampler tray. And here are our reactions! (I am including the brewery’s description of the beer by the name…

  • Vienna Lager (78 IBU’s, 5.5% ABV)
    • The gazelle: warm, crisp winter beer; hints of caramel, slightly smokey
    • A.S.: (This may not be an accurate interpretation) Young, crisp; nice crisp mouthful
  • Double Vision (Belgian Dubbel Style Ale) –  Brilliant deep reddish in color with a moderately strong malty complex taste.  It has malty nutty flavor with a fruity aroma.  23:IBU, ABV: 7.8%
    • The gazelle: Overly sweet, not a lot of body; mild malt
    • The architect: The gazelle is dead wrong; very good, highly recommended; nice dark & smoky flavor.
  • ESB (Extra Special Bitter) – A nice balance between Malt and hops designed around the old English Style beers.  37.6:IBU’s, 5.7%:ABV
    • The gazelle: Rather weak, not very bitter at all; unbalanced; bad aftertaste
  • Ground & Pound (Double IPA) – An American style IPA with a combination of 6 malts, 4 hop additions and 2 dry hop combinations.  This beer has a brilliant amber-copper appearance, and smooth medium bodied mouth feel with out the hop derived astringency associated with higher hop beers.   86 IBU’s, 7.7% ABV.  This one is worth fighting over.
    • The gazelle: Nice, full hop; nice caramel malt balance
    • A.S.: Very drinkable; floral overtones; good & hoppy; thumbs up!
  • Hop Heaven (IPA) – Another Great American IPA with 5 malts, 5 hop additions and 2 dry hop blends.  Classical citrus aroma and light in color.   78 IBU’s, 7.5% ABV.
    • The gazelle: Grapefruity, crisp hoppy flaovr; not as rich as the other IPA, but still very good

A.S. & L.S.

And, the big hit of the night!

  • Paddler’s Porter (Baltic Porter) – This will be a special treat we will feature for the first time in this year’s Portland Holiday Ale Festival December 1st through December 5th at Pioneer Square.   Paddlers Porter is a Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Baltic Porter with a 8.4% ABV. It’s one smooth and creamy Ale.  Hope to see you at the festival!
    • The gazelle: One of the best porters ever, vanilla 7 chocolate – melts in your mouth!
    • S.L.: Hello!! Soooo delicious. Tasty wonderful melty goodness.
    • A.S.: Velvety chocolate goodness! Tastes like a smoother version of Rogue’s Chocolate Stout. Add a scopop of vanilla ice cream & you’ve got a kickass float!

Vienna Lager

And others concurred. That porter was fantastico! The only thing I’ve had to rival that was Old Market’s Maple Vanilla Stout…..might have to make a special trip to Multnomah Village just to have some more of that! YUM!

The architect & M.P.

Other beers were consumed, but not written about.

L.F. & M.C.

Food was eaten, and lo! It was good.

M.P. & S.L.

I would say, a good time was had by all. This is definitely one brewpub I’ll be frequenting!

The gazelle & the architect

And – next up! Breakside Brewery! See you there (I’ll try to do better at posting these in a timely fashion).

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