Not really, but I’ve been getting a ton of blog traffic from people searching for spiders lately, so I thought I’d try to take advantage of that.

Today is random bullet point Thursday (I sense a theme).

  • I walked from the bus stop home last night. Just over 1/3 of a mile. No crutches. In the rain. Took me 18 minutes. That is not very fast.
  • Even though I am no longer on crutches, I am still taking elevators at work, because stairs are a little tricky yet. I can do them, but it’s slow. BUT, since I am no longer on crutches, I feel that people are judging me when I take the elevator. This feeling might be partially because I judge all able-bodied looking people who take elevators when there are stairs easily available.
  • I cannot wear any shoes but my running shoes yet. This makes me sad. My poor red clogs are unfilled (and unfulfilled).
  • I have anthropomorphized my feet. And made them have conversations with each other.  The architect thinks I’m insane. I actually typed this in an IM I sent to the Ambitious One this morning: “Mr. Foot is tired of this whole wearing shoes & working thing. Mr. Foot liked being a foot of leisure.” It’s possible the architect is correct.
  • School is kicking my ass right now. I have 3 weeks & 3 days left of this class & this quarter before a 3 week break. It is needed.  I haven’t felt this dumb since, oh, about this time last year.
  • Work is also kicking my ass right now, although for different reasons.
  • I am ready to join Mr. Foot in the life of leisure.
  • Tomorrow, Emily & I are going to make lefse. I am very excited about this. Although I’m a bit nervous, because she & her mom are both coming to my house and it’s not as clean as I’d like. I haven’t been very good at cleaning lately, and I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed.
  • My office mate & I were talking about tattoos today, and I was telling her the meaning behind one of mine (a reminder to not get stuck in the rut that can be a job & to remember what’s really important – i.e. living with passion & following dreams), and it was a good reminder to only take this job as seriously as I need to to keep it. I mean, I want to do well, but this is, by no means, where I intend to stay. And I should stop treating it like it is. This is a way point. So there!
  • That being said, I really need to find a way to focus better while at work. I am not being my usual efficient self lately.
  • Speaking of focus – I’ve been working on this post for 3 hours. ACK!

So – blah! done! need sleepy!

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