Oh yeah – I’m back

This weekend was awesome. And there are photos! And I was busy. And life is good.

I worked hard on a paper for school all week, finishing up most of the work Friday, and putting the final touches on Saturday morning.

I got up at 6:45 Friday morning to make and chill my lefse, and then spent the afternoon making lefse with Emily & her mom.

Friday evening, I drove (yes! All by myself!) to happy hour to hang out with a couple friends I hadn’t seen since before surgery.

Saturday, I finished up the paper.

I got on the bike trainer for 10 minutes (not an amazing accomplishment according to my fitness levels of yore, but I’ll take it).

I walked to Leisure (a local pub) with my kick-ass neighbor & had more happy hours!

Sunday, I made & chilled more lefse dough.

The architect & I mostly finished up the garden, getting it ready for winter. I hoed for at least an hour, trying to take down the weed jungle that had sprung up around my cabbages & sprouts over the last 7 weeks, creating an amazing environment for some of the largest slugs I’ve seen.

I made more lefse! I hope everyone at Thanksgiving Dinner enjoys it. Or not – more for me!

I went to Harry Potter with a fun group of people and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And then – I was in bed by 9 – all that activity was exhausting!

I’m heading out to see Amy Sedaris tonight with some girl friends.

I’m sure glad this is a short week!

(I have some awesome lefse making pics to share, once I remember to grab them off the camera.)

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