Another Damn Foot Update

Oh yeah – I’m going for it. I’m going to keep telling you about my foot every Tuesday FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES! mwa ha ha ha.

However, I’m not really going to make you look at photos of it anymore, because it mostly just looks like a foot now.

The swelling has gone down a LOT. I don’t know if this is due to the fact that it was going to start decreasing amazingly fast after I got the boot off, or because I followed my naturopath’s instructions & have rubbed arnica gel on it every night for the past couple of weeks. Either way, it’s almost back to normal size. You wouldn’t even look twice at my sneaker laces at this point – the right shoe & left shoe look near enough to identical.

I can get my clogs on my feet now (yay!), but they rub right on the incision site, which is still scabby & a little painful, so I’m going to give that another few days before trying again.

I am fairly mobile. I really only use a crutch for walking around my house without shoes. The hardwood floors HURT.

My foot actually feels as though it went on a solo trip and walked around a strange city for 10 hours on nothing but concrete sidewalks. It just feels over-used and sore. Like the first time I ran 15 miles (which was an accident, by the way) – my feet HURT the next day.

I’m still a little limpy, but it’s definitely improving.

I am planning on heading over to the gym tonight and hopping on the treadmill to practice my walking. I am worried that the limp will be permanent because I have actually forgotten how to walk normally. I’m sure as the pain decreases, the walking will get back to normal (right?).

My plan at this point is to keep walking and biking, add in swimming (tomorrow!), and then once I can walk without a limp, start yoga-ing and adding in a bit of running.

When I started putting pressure on my foot while still in the boot, it was about 2 weeks before the pain dissipated then, so I’ve decided it will be about the same amount of time now. That means that by the time the architect & I take our (much delayed) anniversary trip, I should be up for walking about.

Soon enough, I’ll be back to this:

Wildwood Trail

After a Muddy Trail Run

Running in the Rain

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