Shipping – A Photo Essay

The other day, I arrived home and saw this on the porch.

“Oh, my!” I said to myself. “That is a very large package from Amazon. I haven’t ordered anything that big. I wonder what it could be?”

“Wow – it must be something exciting! And fragile!  Look at all this packing paper!”

“Wow – that is a lot of paper! This is very exciting! What kind of exciting prize awaits me?”

“Wow – still no sign of my exciting present!  Guess I should remove some more paper!”

“I’d better try to pick this paper up a bit, so I don’t trip over it.”

“Holy packinging, Batman! That is an insane amount of paper! What on earth could be in this giant box?”

Huh – I did order that. It’s a lefse roller out thing. I think maybe it didn’t need such a big box….

Thanks, Amazon, for your sustainable shipping!

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