Me & my magic metabolism

(It really makes me happy when I can have a relevant, alliterative post title.) (Also, this post is long, probably boring, and beset with parentheticals.)

So – Friday, I went to see my naturopath. This was my second visit with her. My first visit was due to an extremely cheap groupon that also involved a massage. (Also, best massage ever – totally fixed my back problem I’d been having for TWO MONTHS!)

So – we talked about weight. Specifically a) my distaste at having put on 15 lbs in the last year, b) my inability to shed said poundage, and c) my fear that I would gain 15 more pounds in the six weeks I was booted.

In my visit, she measured my lean body mass vs fat and my basal metabolic rate (~1600 on 10/1). She gave me a diet to follow. Which I followed for one day, and then had surgery, and just ate whatever people brought me, because I have no room to be picky when I can’t walk.

Fast forward six weeks. Appointment #2 (11/12). I have lost 1.5 pounds since 10/1. Which, honestly, win. Seriously. I haven’t exercised since 10/3 – I would’ve been happy with no loss.

So – we did the same measurements as before. My basal metabolic rate is now ~1720. I didn’t write down my lean mass & fat information, but my lean mass had increased, and I’d lost ~7lbs of fat. That means that, by doing nothing for 6 weeks, I converted lots of fat to muscle & upped my metabolism by a lot.

Yay for me! I’m a winner!

She went over my blood work, and we talked a little about WHY I’m made out of magic. I suggested lazing about & never exercising again as a potential new weight loss book and tv show (lose weight the easy way – use crutches for 6 weeks and eat whatever you want! no other exercise required!), but she wasn’t too keen on that idea.

Her theory, based on some of my blood work & what’s been going on here (and the fact that I’ve been pretty active over the last few years) is that I am insulin-resistant. This is, apparently, not terribly uncommon in women with endometriosis.  I am now talking about things I don’t really understand. I think the gist of what she told me (next time I’m bringing a notebook & taking notes, because I like to verify everything with Dr. Google – although while googling insulin resistance & running, I found this. Which is crazy/awesome.) is that since I’ve been so active in the past that I’ve been burning through my glucose & keeping my metabolism lower than normal. (Apparently my feeling that I was inactive all summer because I was only working out 4x per week on average, and not running more than 4-6 miles/week were odd, and means that I hang out with the most active people on the planet, thanks for making me feel all inferior, FRIENDS! I’m dropping you all for some lazy people!)

So – she wants me to try a wicked low-sugar diet to see if that keeps boosting my metabolism & makes the weight start dropping off once I start exercising in a very mild gentle way (she’s okayed walking, swimming & yoga to start; wants to get my metabolism stabilized before I start running lots again).

So – my new diet?

Each day, I am allowed the following:

  • 2x protein drinks (i.e. protein powder, either mixed with water or added to something else)
  • 2x lean protein (i.e. 2 eggs, 3 oz lean meat, 1 oz cheese)
  • 1x whole grain (1 slice whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, oatmeal, etc.)
  • 1x nuts (i.e. 1 TB peanut butter, 1 serving almonds, etc.)
  • 1x starchy vegetable (potato, corn, sweet potato, beets, squash)
  • 2x fruit (i.e. ONE banana = two servings; or two of other, less sugary fruits)
  • 4x fat (i.e. olives, salad dressing, butter, olive oil)
  • 1x legume
  • 0x dairy (that’s right – ZERO dairy)
  • unlimited vegetables (excepting the starchy ones previously listed)
  • no beer or wine AT ALL. If I am going to have a drink (and I can have one/day); it should be hard liquor.

I am not tracking obsessively (ha, whatever, I am totally tracking obsessively), but am giving it my best shot. Last night, the architect & I went to Lucky Lab (which has pizza AND sandwiches….yum!), and I had soup (corn chowder = 1 starchy veg) and 1/2 of a Greek Salad (2x fat; 1x protein/cheese; loads of unlimited veggies). Oh – and I had beer. BUT, baby steps!

I am going to follow this plan to the best of my ability through 12/10 when I have my next appointment to see what effect it’s had on my lean body mass & metabolism in the next 5 weeks. Should be interesting! There will obviously be days that will make tracking exclusively a little problematic (hello, Thanksgiving!), but I think overall, if I can have foot surgery & be mostly imm0bile & helpless for 5 weeks, I can certainly do this for the same length of time! (Right?)

And, since the boot comes off tomorrow, I can start my baby steps of exercise, too! I am walking exclusively for the next 2 weeks, and then have my first REAL workout scheduled for 12/1/10 – a swim date with the Ambitious One (I decided to not swim alone for my first time back in the pool, in case I’ve forgotten how & drown immediately). As soon as I can walk fairly well again, I’m planning on heading back to yoga. I am also ready for some weights + light cardio (elliptical and/or bike).

I am still hoping to have my first real run by the end of 2010. (I am already registered for two races in spring 2011 – so I’d better get started!)

I am feeling pretty positive today. I think that as long as I keep the recovery moving forward slow & easy that it will all fall into place. A 5K in 4 months does not seem out of reach when I can already go up & down my stairs with only one crutch! And shower alone!

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