6 Weeks Post Surgery

Hey! Guess what today is? If you are the architect, and a smart-ass, my guess is you said, “Tuesday!”

And, technically you’d be right.

BUT – in addition to Tuesday, it is also a very important day in the life of gazelles everywhere.

Today, I went to see the foot surgeon.

It was pretty exciting. I got to have X-Rays! And wear a little lead shield over my hoo-ha area.

I took this shot from the computer screen w/ my phone while the surgeon wasn’t looking. Not bad quality, eh?

Check out the tiny white pin – that will stay with me forever. Hopefully. Sometimes they try to escape. I’m hoping my tiny pin stays contentedly within the bone forever.

So – where does that leave me?

Right here, bitches!


I’ve even done a little walking about, with the help of my crutch.

It feels really, really weird. My foot feels too big for the shoe, so I’ll likely take it off (the shoe, not the foot) this afternoon for awhile.

BUT – the surgeon gave me the go ahead to start resuming normal life. Walking this week. I can start swimming whenever. Yoga can start as soon as I feel comfortable standing with equal pressure barefoot. Running *fingers crossed* by the end of the year!

My sweet new clogs need to be stretched a bit to accommodate my jumbo-sized foot, but I should be in those soon, too!

So full of awesome. 🙂

I celebrated in style this morning with a small, non-fat pumpkin spice latte (no-whip), thus exceeding my dairy allotment (of zero) for the day. It’s the little things!

And, just in case you didn’t catch the significance of this, here’s the week-by-week:

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