Bits & Pieces

There are so many random things in my head lately.

  1. I dream about walking almost every night. Barefoot. The biggest parts of the dream are always sensation. I’ve dreamed of walking in cool grass, with the blades poking beneath my toes and the chill of the grass cooling the soles of my feet. I’ve dreamed of walking on wet flagstones through a garden, slightly slippery. I’ve dreamed of walking on the beach – the sand hot and gritty. Last night I dreamed about walking on (walking on) broken glass. No – that’s a total lie.  I actually dreamed about walking into a gigantic shower that had a floor surface of river rocks (I was at a spa like that once). I wonder what these dreams mean…..  🙂
  2. I am concerned that I will not be able to walk very well once I get my boot off. I am getting pretty tired of crutches. My boss thinks I should get a cane (for the amusement factor, I think). I’d be willing – but only if it was something like this (I should always be prepared to slay my enemies, right?):
  3. The morning I had surgery, I packed a little toiletries bag and took it downstairs. I knew I’d be sleeping on the sofa for awhile, and would be using the downstairs bathroom almost exclusively for even longer (it’s a little bigger & easier to maneuver my shower chair in). When I packed my bag, I just grabbed my toiletries bag that usually goes to the pool with me. In that bag is some cheap shampoo & conditioner. Not a big deal for my former once/week post swim shower. However, it has become this huge deal when it’s the only shampoo/conditioner I’ve used in the past 5 weeks. Sunday night after my shower, I was bitching about how gross my hair felt, and the architect (in his infinite wisdom) said, “Why didn’t you just ask me to bring down your good shampoo & conditioner? It’s only upstairs.” And so he did – and my hair is much happier now. And I feel much, much dumber.
  4. Yesterday I updated my blog theme, and it deleted all my custom headers. I completely forgot about it until right now. Hopefully I’ll remember to reload them after work tonight, because the generic headers kinda suck and are not very gazelle-y.
  5. Today is Veterans Day. Although I am generally a pacifist, and believe that we should work a little more on getting our troops home, that doesn’t mean I’m anti-soldier. A number of people in my family have served (or are still serving) in the military, and I appreciate their service to our country.  I think that should be a point we can all agree on!
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