5 Weeks Post Surgery

Subtitle: One week to bootlessness!

Woo! I know you’re all excited, too, because that might mean that I stop posting pictures of my odd-shaped feet.  We’ll see. Maybe this will be a new permanent feature! Footy-Tuesdays! (Or maybe I’ll move it to Fridays, for the alliteration.)

So – things are definitely, definitely better.

I can walk about with only one crutch without dragging my left foot on the ground like a hunch-back zombie.

(I was trying to find a picture of a hunchbacked zombie dragging its foot while walking, but I could not. I did, however, find this:

how awesome are these? answer: extremely awesome.

ANYWAYS, I am walking. I am putting pressure on my foot. I am showering UNSUPERVISED! (which has it’s good & bad points…heh.)

I feel that, come next Tuesday, I may actually be ready to get this boot of and walk around.

Let’s see, shall we?

Both Feet at 5 WEeks

There is still some evident swelling and discoloration (the right foot is darker & scalier). BUT – they are starting to look more like feet.

Also, you’ll notice on the good foot (the left), that the pinky toe is not straight and that there is a Damian, Jr. bump. The right foot has a straight pinky toe + no bump. This makes me afraid that in a couple of years, I’ll be repeating the whole process. Blargh.

(Also notice that there is no longer writing on my right foot! Woo!)

(There is still toenail polish. I tried to get it off over the weekend, but was unsuccessful. I will try again this weekend.)

Now, for the roll test!

Rolled Feet @ Five Weeks

My right foot/ankle are almost as flexible as the left again. And honestly, my inability to roll it all the way over might have more to do with fear of hitting the suture site than actual inflexibility. You can definitely see some swelling here, but not nearly as much as before. (All around, much better showing than last week.)

And, the final foot view – the week by week analysis.

You really can see a different over the last weeks, can’t you? Also, please note the lack of writing (again).

I have only taken ibuprofen once for foot pain since last Wednesday – Friday night (due to some unfortunate foot spasms).

I am getting pretty mobile – I really only need both crutches for stairs and speed.

Putting pressure on the foot doesn’t hurt really at all – although when I was getting rid of the writing, there was some tenderness at the break site.

And, of course you deserve a reward for sitting through all of that…..so here it is:

Mt. Adams at sunset - from the St. Johns Bridge

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