The Harvest

In the last couple of weekends, the architect and I finished harvesting everything that needed to be harvested. Green tomatoes, the last of the peppers, the carrots, the butternut squash and (yesterday) my first fall broccoli.

We had so many green tomatoes, but rather than let them stand for broken dreams and sadness, we decided to not let them go to waste.

Saturday, we made 7 pints of green tomato/tomatillo salsa. We ended up with another quart of it that will be used at the Spooktacular this weekend.

Sunday, the architect took the remaining green tomatoes and slow-roasted them with kosher salt and olive oil. So good! (Thanks to In the Garden Online for that delicious idea.)

Yesterday, we slow cooked a chicken with potatoes, garlic & carrots from the garden, and served it up with the steamed broccoli. (The architect made an appetizer of crackers with sliced Black Krimm tomatoes – yum!)

I have no pictures because (1) my camera is STILL broken and (2) I am gimpy and drop things a lot, so I’m not allowed to use the DSLR (says me – I drop everything).

The cover crops are sown, and in the next few weeks (quite possibly the weekend of 11/19-20 if the weather cooperates), next spring’s garlic will get planted. I have some cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts remaining in the garden, as well as my so-almost-ripe pumpkins. I also have an impressive array of weeds that I am unable to do anything about until I get rid of the boot.

Even though I’m still having a lot of frustrations with the post-surgery and the limitations, I am trying to remember what makes this time of year so magical for me.

I love autumn. I love picking the fall crops. I love the smells in the air as people start to light their fireplaces. I love the changing colors of the sky and trees, and I love the blank slate of the garden.

I even love the fall storms that swept through this weekend – rain & wind. I love being curled up under a blanket with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning watching the trees whip around and the rain pound into the windows.

I love pumpkins and Hallowe’en, and watching the geese vee through the sky.

I love the brisk mornings and full rain barrels.

I love watching the maple down the street turn scarlet. I love the fog under the St. John’s Bridge and Forest Park’s variegated greens, browns & golds above it.

I love fall foods – the pumpkins and squashes; all the root vegetables, Brussels sprouts.

I love fall smells – wood smoke and cinnamon, roasting apples.

I know why so many people and places do harvest festivals. It’s such a significant time of year. The time to gather with friends and family before weather makes it more difficult. The time to rejoice in the bounty of the summer and give thanks that you have enough to get through another winter. The time when the field work is done (for now) and there’s time for pie.

I kind of even love being me.


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