3 Weeks

Today marks three weeks post surgery, otherwise known as the half-way point. Three weeks from today, I get my boot off (provided everything looks good).

I took photos of my foot this morning in celebration.

The foot is definitely looking better.

The pain is generally much, much better.

Most days I take some ibuprofen in the morning when I get up and some at night when I go to sleep, and don’t need any the rest of the time.

I still tire very easily. Activities which previously constituted an easy day for me now wear me out. Yesterday I got up around 6:30. Put on clothes. Went to work. Went to book club. Home by 9. In bed and asleep by 9:30.

I am (mostly) sleeping all night now, and am no longer waking up in pain.

I can put some pressure on my foot, and when I’m not in a hurry, I have been practicing boot walking.

I still have some numbness left in my big toe, but only on the very top of it, and it’s definitely receding.

My pulled muscle in my calf still bothers me – especially when I first wake up & when I go to sleep. On the off chance that it’s not a pulled muscle and is, in fact, a blood clot, I am going to start taking an aspirin every other day (yay for working with a bunch of medical professionals).

And – the swelling is definitely better.

And now – the photos!

As you can see, the current foot is MUCH less swollen. Although it still has the writing on it.

Foot at 3 weeks

Foot at 2 weeks


And, just so you know that it’s almost back to normal, here’s both of my feet:

Both Feet - 3 weeks

My toes are just naturally weird looking. (Also, you can see the swelling on Damian, Jr., over there on the left foot. You can also see my crappy toenail polish. From August. Now, however, is not the right time for a pedicure.)

My apologies for the crappy photo quality. My phone actually takes decent photos, but not at 6:45 AM.

SO – to sum up. I am definitely on the mend. It’s a little better every day, for sure. I am looking forward to washing my feet (as soon as those damn butterfly bandages fall off), and I’m definitely hoping the next three weeks fly by, because this boot is wicked heavy!

And, since I made you all look at my feet, and that’s a bit creepy, let’s leave off with something MUCH nicer!

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