Damian, that is.

I had my post-op appointment today, and the surgeon was much more personable today than usual. My theory is this is the first time I’ve seen him without interns or residents. Or else he heard how much I hated him. Either way, it was a good appointment.

He confirmed that the weight of the boot was causing my lower back part of the thigh (low hamstring region) pain & subsequent numbness in the foot. He has now idea how I pulled my right calf muscle whilst sleeping. He said my toes aren’t ridiculously swollen (at least not any more than expected) and the color is fine – they are not likely to fall off any time soon. (Not that I was afraid of that or anything.)

The bandages are off. The sutures are removed. I have a cute little toe splint. And in 3ish days when my butterfly bandages come off the surgical site, I can even get my foot wet! So much excitement for such a little thing, right?

Anyways. My foot looks wicked ugly. There’s still writing on it from 2 weeks ago + an icky sore thing from the bandages. And my toes are fat(ter) & puffy(er) than usual. BUT – I know you want to see anyways, right? (Sorry, Dad….)

By next week, I should be down to one crutch, and by Halloween, maybe crutchless! Woo!

I have an appointment to have the final evaluation done & the boot removed on 11/16/10….so happy.

Thanks for the support everyone. I will not lie. The past two weeks have been a special kind of hell, and I’m guessing there are going to be a few frustrations in the next few weeks, but I think (knock on wood, throw salt over left shoulder, stop dropping mirrors & kicking black cats under ladders, etc.) that the worst is over.

I plan on starting ab & arm work this weekend, although honestly – my arms are getting solid. Crutching is not for the weak!


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