Random Babbling

I am very nearly 2 week post surgery.

What does that mean?

  • Well, the Advil is completely managing all of my pain now.
  • The muscle spasms in my foot have all but stopped.
  • I am now getting frustrated because I can’t do stuff.
  • Crutching around all day doing stuff makes my legs wobbly, and then I have trouble not falling down the stairs (I have dropped my crutches on the stairs 4 or 5 times in the last few days).
  • I can carry a plate with food on it without spilling. Kind of.
  • That doesn’t work for beverages yet.
  • I am having trouble NOT over-doing it.
  • I am exhausted every night from trying to do STUFF.
  • I can get myself into the shower!
  • I can’t get myself out of the shower, though. AWKWARD!
  • I think I can make it through the next four 9-hour days without being too miserable.
  • Tomorrow is my follow-up surgery appointment, and I’m hoping for permission to start walking on my heel.
  • I’m also hoping they change the bandages on my foot.

Last night, my big toe was completely numb. I panicked and had visions of it turning black & falling off. 30 minutes later it was fine, so I think I’d just been sitting weird or something.

I also nearly fell when I got out of the shower last night. My plastic-bag-wrapped boot slipped on the linoleum, I stabbed the architect in the foot with a crutch, and totally freaked out – nearly passing out from the fear of how badly I could’ve hurt myself. I told the architect that I wasn’t going to shower for the next 4 weeks. He suggested that might not be the best idea. Then he brought me a glass of wine. He’s a keeper, for sure!

My weekend was actually really good. A super awesome neighbor came over on Friday afternoon and brought the gift of beer! We chatted & had a beer. She is pretty cool people! I love that we have so many great neighbors!

Saturday, I made the architect take me to the grocery store. I had checks to deposit (there’s a Wells Fargo in the store), a couple items to purchase, AND, incidentally, they have a Starbucks, so that I could get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (LOVE THEM – one of the best things about October). Can you believe they were OUT of Pumpkin Spice? I was so sad.

The rest of Saturday involved writing my final term paper for my current marketing class, and then chillaxing with the architect.

Sunday was a great day. I spent a few hours outside. We picked the rest of our tomatoes (the architect uprooted the plants & brought them to me, and I removed all the green tomatoes) and dug up the last of the carrots. I wish I had pictures, but alas! No such luck.

It was such a beautiful weekend – perfect fall day.

Today – back at work. Which, you know, is okay. They give me money to be here. So I guess I’ll continue to show up. I do like those paychecks!

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