When She Was Bad

I am still struggling with this whole “health” thing. It’s tough. I feel as though my head weighs 17,000 lbs and my neck is all sore from holding up my gargantuan head. So happy that I don’t work tomorrow! Yay!

In other whiny news, I am now 12 days out from surgery. I may have mentioned (once or twice or a billion times) that after the surgery, not only will I not be able to exercise for two months, but that I will be in a (very not sexy-for-fall) boot for two months, and then high heels will be verboten for at least another four after that.  That means no fall boots. Or fall pumps. Or fall stilettos. No high heels until spring sandal time! (And, since I’ve spent the last six months mostly not wearing anything but sneakers & flip-flops, I missed the entirety of 2010 sandal season, too!)

So – today I am a rebel. Today it is gray & kinda rainy & perfect fall sweater weather. And do you know what accompanies perfect fall sweater weather? BOOTS!

So – I am being a bad, bad girl and wearing my favorite pair of boots today. It makes the sickness a little less sicky. It makes the gray a little less misty. And it makes the upcoming foot surgery a little….ehhh…I don’t know. Mostly, since these boots seem wicked comfortable, it’s making the upcoming foot surgery seem a little less necessary! Maybe tonight, I will go home & dance around in my Kenneth Cole super hot stilettos and laugh in the face of podiatrists everywhere!


(However, just in case I do decide to go through with the whole surgery, and you’re wondering what to buy me as a get well present, you couldn’t go wrong with this, or this, or these…sigh…)


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