Killed by Death

You guys! It has been so long since I’ve rapped at y’all! (I kill me with my hip street lingo.)

Remember last week when I was all, “hey! I’m the busiest! Full of busy! But I can take it, yo!”

Well, apparently that was regarded by the universe as a taunt and also as a check that my mouth wrote that my body couldn’t cash. Or some such stuff.

So – Friday – I went to birthday #1. And it was fun! But the architect didn’t go, because poor man was sick. But not me! I am strong & immune to germs.

Saturday morning, I went and had my hairs did. (They are pretty, and as soon as I am also pretty again, I will share.) I noticed that I (1) wasn’t even a wee bit hungry (odd) and (2) looked like I hadn’t slept in a week. “Hmmm….” I said to myself. “This could be bad.”

By Saturday afternoon, as I was struggling to write a 1/2 page paper (seriously – I can write a half a page of double-spaced words in no time at all, on demand, no warning – I am a master of logorrhoea) (also, I wish my spell check would stop trying to convince me that I need to change logorrhoea to gonorrhea – they are different!), I knew something was wrong.

I had to skip Saturday birthday #1. I did eventually finish my 1/2 page paper (who even assigns a 1/2 page paper?), but by that time, I knew that the universe was laying the smack-down, and not in the more gentle way that usually just has me grappling with gravity (and my laundry basket – black eye & neck bruises – not pretty).

I was sick. I canceled attendance at Saturday birthday #2, and moaned theatrically.

I’d managed to start a chicken stew & had made some dumpling dough (trying to fatten up comfort the architect in his sickness) before I fell too ill, but Saturday & Sunday were not pretty. Fortunately, by Sunday afternoon, the architect was feeling better, so he was able to take care of me (and bring me glasses upon glasses of Fresca – bubbles have healing powers).

I did go to work yesterday (Monday) because there was a time sensitive project I needed to finish up. It took me four hours to do something that should’ve taken me two.

Today – I elected to stay home.

So – what does a compulsively over-productive yet wounded gazelle do during the 3-ish full days of sickness?

Not a whole lot.

I did wax a cheese (much more successfully than last time, although I am still not ready to win prettiest wax job contests) and make some crack cookies (which, in addition to the Fresca, have been pretty much the entirety of my diet since Sunday – which is okay – I’ve lost almost 4 lbs in the last 3 days, the cookie & diet soda diet is really going to catch on).

Ooh! I finished season 7 of Buffy (for the 17th time), and got a good start on Angel.

Did a little homework.

Oh yeah – and I took some pictures.


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