September 2010 Goals
September 2010 Goals

September 2010 Goals

August 2010 Goal Recap

  1. Get all the veggies harvested & put up – SUCCESS! As much as possible, anyways. Everything that is ready to be harvested is; the tomatoes are still, sadly, green.
  2. Make the cheddar cheeses – FAIL! But since I will not be out of town this weekend, it will be done by Labor Day.
  3. Continue weekly runs, although I would prefer a 120% reduction in personal crimes against me – SUCCESS! I ran seven times in August, for a total of nearly 20 miles. Last year, that was a pretty low weekly mileage, and not my monthly mileage…but I’m trying not to dwell on it too much.
  4. Get everything replaced (driver’s license, debit cards, phone, etc.) that was stolen from my car – SUCCESS! Everything, including my gym membership card (which was an awesome excuse for not going to the gym…alas! that reason’s gone) has been replaced; all money returned; all taken care of.
  5. Give first planned speech in Toast without passing out or throwing up. – SUCCESS! I did the speech! I didn’t pass out OR vomit on anyone! In fact, from what I understand, it didn’t even suck. Go me! Only nine more speeches to go until I’m a toasty competent communicator.

September 2010 Goals

  1. Month of healthy; last month before surgery, gotta make the most of it!
  2. Work out at least 20 times in 30 days.
  3. Get house cleaned & prepped for my month of not functioning well
  4. Can salsa & marinara for the next year (18 pints salsa; 12 qts marinara; if possible, 12 qts of plain tomatoes, too)
  5. Learn to make a new kind of cheese (I’m leaning towards another instant-ish gratification cheese such as paneer or cotija).

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