So – my weekend review is not as much fun as usual.

It started out okay. Friday was yoga in the park with some awesome friends, followed by brunch at Kenny & Zuke’s, and then a lot of homework. Friday evening was drinks & dinner with my cousin & her boyfriend (the architect’s new co-worker) at one of my favorite local hangouts.

All in all, a great start to the weekend, right?

Saturday, I got going at the crack of 10, and was out for a trail run by 11ish. I ran about 4 hilly miles, and was feeling pretty good about myself.

I walked back to the parking lot & was just getting ready to stretch when I saw this:

As I walked up to my window, I noticed that my center console was open. When I go trail running, I never bring my wallet. Usually I just have my car key in my tiny key pocket & my house keys in the car. Sometimes I bring my phone, although I usually leave that in the car, too.

Saturday? I brought everything.

My (kate spade…sniff) wallet. My phone. My house keys w/ the house alarm key fob.

Things that were stolen:

  • wallet
  • driver’s license
  • student ID
  • my bank debit card
  • debit card from the joint account the architect & I share
  • one credit card
  • REI card
  • library card
  • AAA card
  • health & dental insurance cards
  • safeway card
  • my swimming pool punch card! (I am really sad about this; I had 5 swims left on my card, they don’t keep this system in the computer, and I’m not sure I can convince them to issue me half a card based on my honest good looks!)
  • CPK gift card
  • $2.xx in change
  • A few receipts
  • My phone
  • work keys
  • house key
  • house alarm key fob
  • U-lock keys
  • shed keys
  • remaining sense of personal safety I may have had after the large number of crimes that have been perpetrated against me in the last couple of years (seriously! I am a crime magnet!)

Funny story – three weeks ago, I sent my passport off to be renewed. So I have no valid ID at all. Nothing. I cannot get a new bank card without ID. I cannot get money without ID. I don’t exist right now!

I drove home immediately (my water, which was not stolen, had been knocked over & was completely empty, so I was enraged AND thirsty) hoping that the architect had procrastinated his bike ride that morning.

He hadn’t.

Fortunately, my kick-ass neighbors had not yet left as planned! I barged into their house, borrowed a phone, made them give me a giant glass of water, and started making calls.

My biggest worry at this point was that the thieves had my home address, my house key AND my alarm shutter offer.

I called the architect, who agreed to ride home immediately.

I called my two debit cards & one credit card & canceled them all. Unfortunately, in the not more than 90 minutes since the break-in (I left for my run at 11:20, was back to my car no later than 12:10, and was canceling cards before 1 pm), the intrepid thieves had already spent hundreds of dollars at Champs, another athletic shoe store, and Fred Meyer.

All the charges on my credit card were immediately reversed.

My credit union card (which was the tool for the $250 Fred Meyer shopping spree) cannot reverse the charges, because they haven’t cleared yet. Nor can they actually do it. There is a toll free number I can call 24 hours AFTER the charged clear. Not sure why the credit card could do it….hopefully it will all be reversed with no problem.

I called to have my phone shut off, and once the architect got home, he changed the locks in our house, and on our shed AND bought me a new bike lock. I spent all afternoon on the phone with our alarm company getting my key fob disabled but not the architect’s key fob.

I cannot find my Social Security card, although I know it wasn’t in my wallet, which makes proving my identity even more exciting.

I am hoping the DMV will give me a replacement driver’s license today.

I am hoping that with that, my bank will let me order a new debit card AND cash a check for me, so that I can have some spending money.

I am hoping that the architect’s new phone will arrive Wednesday so that I can use his old phone until I get mine replaced (I am 40 days away from getting my new every two upgrade!).

I am hoping that I managed to mitigate all the damage I caused by my moment of stupidity (leaving my wallet in my car? dumb) and the thieves thievery.

I am a little upset that I am having to spend so much money on this!

$75 – new locks (house, shed, bike)
$27 – new driver’s license
$20 – new student ID
$175 – new glass in the back window of my car
$60 – new key fob for my house alarm
$$$ – replacement wallet

The saddest moment of the whole weekend, though, was not losing my kate spade wallet (I really liked that wallet – it was made of magic), or my driver’s license, or my debit/credit cards, or even my phone (that really stings), but the fact that the check-out lady at Fred Meyer wouldn’t sell me wine yesterday. Even after I cried. Of all the days I needed a glass of wine, and she said no.


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