Another weekend of domestic bad-assery

A decent weekend, although I spent most of it feeling just a bit off. My stomach seems really unhappy and I don’t quite know how to fix that.

Friday was originally scheduled as a full day of fun. I dropped my car off to get the broken window replaced. Emily kindly fetched me & toted me around the city. We met up with Sarah for yoga, then lunch, and then the aforementioned stomach issues made themselves known & I bailed on the rest of the afternoon’s plans. I headed home where I moaned theatrically & watched a lot of Buffy.

Friday evening, I resolutely picked up a picnic & headed to SE for movies in the park (it was Princess Bride – how could I say no?) I didn’t actually make it to the START of the movie, before I begged the architect to take me home. At home, we watched a movie & I went to bed early.

Saturday was a better day – I did some harvesting!



I spent the rest of Saturday canning beans & beet pickles. I had to take an unscheduled break in the middle to go buy a new pressure canner (and more pint jars). My old one wasn’t pressurizing – it took over 2 hours to get up to 10 lbs of pressure! I also picked up a new 20 qt stockpot so I can make more cheese! YAY!

On Saturday, I ended up with 10 pints of beans and only three pints of beet pickles. Next year I’m definitely planting more beets! I love beet pickles, and roasted beets, and I don’t even have any beets left for roasting! 🙁

Saturday evening, the architect & I made garden bounty pizza (garlic, onions & zucchini all from the garden; crust made with whey from homemade cheese) and drank wine!

Sunday, I went out for brunch w/ my kickass neighbor, and then headed home for another round of domestic badd-assery.

I used a few chicken carcasses I had laying around (in the freezer – of course!) and my new giant stockpot and made a huge pot of chicken broth. After it was finished & the fat was skimmed, I canned 9 pints of broth. The only reason I canned nine pints instead of 13 pints was because I ran out of jars! So – I have a couple quarts of broth in the fridge – guess I’ll be doing a lot of cooking this week!

I also made some ricotta cheese yesterday – although accidentally. I had bought milk to make cheese about 10 days ago, and due to my car getting broken into last weekend, ended up not making the cheese then. The milk was approaching the end of its natural life, and that is not the most ideal time to try to make it into cheese. So – I have cheese, just not what I was expecting. Oh, well! It still tastes good!

I started feeling off again yesterday afternoon, and spent most of the evening on the couch, watching Buffy (that’s what I do when I don’t feel well) and making the architect fetch me stuff!

Overall – a fairly productive weekend.

Next weekend – more cheese! and pickles! And the planting of the fall garden! Woo!

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