Were you looking for me?

The two most interesting search terms coming up in my stats counter today:

1. Surprise pelvic exam (sorry about that – it’s happened to me, too. which is probably why you’re here.)

2. Triathlon porn (really? that’s a very specific fetish.)

Also – people – what is up with christina ricci lately? 90% of the people who land on this site by accident are looking for her. Is she in a new movie? Running for office? On Dancing with the Stars?

6 responses to “Were you looking for me?

  1. surprise pelvic exam?! I dont remember you mentioning that…

    Who is christina ricci. Ok, kidding. I totally know who she is, but I havn’t seen/heard about her in forever.

  2. You must have a cool stat counter! Mine doesn’t tell me those things!! What do you use?

    • My regular stat counter is just a wordpress plugin. I’m sure blogspot also has a stat plugin that would tell you that kind of stuff (I have no idea, really…)

  3. I agree, what are you using? It sounds cool!

  4. I believe she’s chained up in Sam Jackson’s backyard. That’s the last time I saw her, anyway.