Training Goals: 4/19/10 – 4/25/10

Training Goals: 4/12 – 4/18

Monday: Swim – SUCCESS! I swam 1800 yards (i.e. more than a mile, bitches) and it was good.

Tuesday: Run (maybe with the Ambitious One!) – SUCCESS! We did an interval workout, and it was fun. It had been a long time since we’d run together.

Wednesday: Double Day! Swim + Spin class – SUCCESS! I swam another 1800 yds in the morning, and then did my spin class + a one mile brick run after work. And it was good.

Thursday: REST! WOO! – SUCCESS! Once again, I nailed rest day.

Friday: yoga + trail run – FAIL! I went to the podiatrist in the morning, and didn’t really want to run after that. So, I gardened instead.

Saturday: bike + weights – half SUCCESS! I did a 25 mile bike ride, my longest this year, and, if you go back a couple posts, you can know all about that. I did not lift weights.

Sunday: Bridge to Brews 10K – just a regular run. I am not trying to PR. – SUCCESS! I guess….I ran it. I did not PR. I did not PW. It still sucked.

Training Goals: 4/19 – 4/25

Monday: Swim

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!)

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run

Thursday: REST! WOO!

Friday: yoga + trail run

Saturday: bike + weights

Sunday: Long run…I am going to shoot for 10 miles. We’ll see how that goes.

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