Dream a little dream….

I know that talking about one’s dreams is second only in lameness to whining about a sore foot, but it’s my blog, so I’ve decided to share.

Sometimes when I wake up from a really bizarre dream I am able to pinpoint the origins of a lot of the elements in my dream. Like, oh, I dreamed that I was a clown with an ice cream fetish that was going to the moon might mean that I had stopped by Dairy Queen after having a heated discussion about how I was not going to the clown-heavy Cirque du Soleil and then watched the Mythbusters episode where they debunk the moon landing conspiracy theorists.

(That is not what I dreamed last night.)

And then other times, I can’t figure out what the hell is going on in my head. Like the time I dreamed I was a giant lobster. That lived in Maine (natch). I mean I was Amy, but also a lobster. My parents were in the dream, but they were human and there were no other lobsters in the dream.


Last night, I dreamed that I was Anne (with an E) Shirley, living on PEI with Marilla and Matthew, and I was getting ready to go speak at a global sustainability conference. I was wearing a yellow ruffled dress (looked awesome with my red braids) and Matthew was so proud and could hardly believe how fast I’d grown up. (At the conference, I totally solved homophobia, btw. I don’t remember what I proposed, and how it was directly related to sustainability – other than the social aspect, of course, but whatever it was cleared the way for universally recognized gay marriages and ended all homophobic hate crimes. I will probably win the Nobel Peace Prize. As soon as I remember what it was that I proposed. I hope it didn’t have anything to do with lobsters.)

So – sustainability conference – CHECK! (I am taking a class in Sustainability in Business right now)
Yellow ruffled dress – CHECK! (In the movie I saw last night, the main female character was obsessed with yellow ruffled dresses)
Anne of Green Gables – NO IDEA! I haven’t seen the movie/read the books lately…haven’t even thought of it….

Anyways – that’s a tantalizing peek into my crazy mind. Fascinating, I know.

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    • gazelle
      April 21, 2010 - 8:48 am ·

      So, are you saying that because you know me, you know I’m not crazy?

      Or are you saying, you’re not going to say I’m crazy, because you do know me and because I know where you live & work? 😉