Dream a little dream….

I know that talking about one’s dreams is second only in lameness to whining about a sore foot, but it’s my blog, so I’ve decided to share.

Sometimes when I wake up from a really bizarre dream I am able to pinpoint the origins of a lot of the elements in my dream. Like, oh, I dreamed that I was a clown with an ice cream fetish that was going to the moon might mean that I had stopped by Dairy Queen after having a heated discussion about how I was not going to the clown-heavy Cirque du Soleil and then watched the Mythbusters episode where they debunk the moon landing conspiracy theorists.

(That is not what I dreamed last night.)

And then other times, I can’t figure out what the hell is going on in my head. Like the time I dreamed I was a giant lobster. That lived in Maine (natch). I mean I was Amy, but also a lobster. My parents were in the dream, but they were human and there were no other lobsters in the dream.


Last night, I dreamed that I was Anne (with an E) Shirley, living on PEI with Marilla and Matthew, and I was getting ready to go speak at a global sustainability conference. I was wearing a yellow ruffled dress (looked awesome with my red braids) and Matthew was so proud and could hardly believe how fast I’d grown up. (At the conference, I totally solved homophobia, btw. I don’t remember what I proposed, and how it was directly related to sustainability – other than the social aspect, of course, but whatever it was cleared the way for universally recognized gay marriages and ended all homophobic hate crimes. I will probably win the Nobel Peace Prize. As soon as I remember what it was that I proposed. I hope it didn’t have anything to do with lobsters.)

So – sustainability conference – CHECK! (I am taking a class in Sustainability in Business right now)
Yellow ruffled dress – CHECK! (In the movie I saw last night, the main female character was obsessed with yellow ruffled dresses)
Anne of Green Gables – NO IDEA! I haven’t seen the movie/read the books lately…haven’t even thought of it….

Anyways – that’s a tantalizing peek into my crazy mind. Fascinating, I know.

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