Anxiously Waiting
Anxiously Waiting

Anxiously Waiting

for lots of stuff actually:

The weekend.

The weather to warm up.

Mid-May, so that I can plant my tomatoes & peppers.


4:30 PM today.

Next Tuesday’s track & yoga night with The Ambitious One & Jen.

Next Thursday’s wine craft night with some former co-workers to catch up on all the old workplace gossip.

The emergence of all my little veggies that are in the ground.

This weekend’s martini photo shoot.

My exciting new blog layout to go live.

The next brew review.

The first camping trip of summer.

Trail running.

Mojitos on the patio.


Summertime (when the living is easy)


  1. will you get this even though its an ‘old’ post?

    I love this list. I planted my tomatoes too early. Whoopsie. not sure if they’re gonna make it.

    My mesculin and peas are emerging! I love that! So exciting.

    New blog layout?! Can’t wait.

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