Odds & Ends

Busy at work lately – through next week anyways.

Loving my current course in school. It’s the whole reason I’m in grad school, actually. I also kind of want the instructor’s job when I finish. Not sure how to tell her that.

Foot is still okay – although I haven’t run since Sunday. I am planning a brick tonight, and a trail run Friday before Sunday’s half marathon.

Loving the swimming. I did 1500 yards in 40 minutes Monday & 1600 in 45 today. So far in 2010, I’ve swum 14,750 yds. In all of 2009, I swam 18,990.  By the end of this month, I will have surpassed my total 2009 yardage! Woo! Go me!

Still having trouble motivating for the bike. Not sure why, but I just can’t get myself in the saddle. This needs to change!

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