April 2010 Goals

The recap….is interesting.

March 2010 Goals

  1. Change the balance of liquid intake (i.e. more water, less beer). – SUCCESS! I definitely upped my water intake. The less beer thing was compromised a bit mid-month with a trip to Seattle (where I actually drank very little beer…although I did have a lot of gin) and my own personal ‘Gazelles Gone Wild’ spring break, but I’m back on track!
  2. Have a 200 mile month (100 miles bike; 100 miles run) – wow – complete & total FAIL! In fact, I didn’t even have a 100 mile month. Stupid spider-breeding, alien-hatching foot! BUT, I definitely increased my yoga and swimming. I swam 8400 yards in March – which more than twice as much as my previous best swim month! However, I did only hit the gym for weights twice – PATHETIC (but also, my foot wouldn’t go into shoes for awhile, which makes things difficult).
  3. Clean out the closet of shame – FAIL! I’m afraid of the closet of shame – and it has conquered me.
  4. PR my Shamrock 15K – SUCCESS! It was 10 second PR, and since I was currently gestating some alien spider babies, I feel pretty good about this one!
  5. Better time management re: work and homework. I hate being a last minute person! – SUCCESS! I feel that I am finally hitting my stride with work/homework/workout (that’s a lot of work)/life balance. Of course, if I were able to get rid of that first one, you wouldn’t hear me complain!

And now on to April.

April 2010 Goals

  1. Complete the April challenge that the kick-ass neighbor & I have undertaken.
  2. Slowly & carefully re-amp the bike/running mileage (while taking very good care of the foot) in preparation for the Eugene half marathon.
  3. Come in under 1:00:00 in the Bridge to Brews 10K.
  4. Get in a total of eight yoga and weights sessions (eight combined, not eight each).
  5. Storm the castle! (I have a castle in my backyard, but in April, it’s going down! There will be pictures.)
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