Training Goals – 2/8/10 – 2/14/10

The recap!

Training Goals – 2/1 – 2/7

Monday: weights – SUCCESS! I lifted weights!

Tuesday: Terwilliger run – SUCCESS! And a speedy run it was! (4.2 miles at 10:16 pace – faster Terwilliger hill run yet!)

Wednesday: Run – SUCCESS! (4.25 miles at 10:34 pace – great run with Lisa!) + Swim! (1200 yds in 36 minutes! yay!)

Thursday: Bike to work (if it’s nice) or swim (if it’s not) – FAIL? I swam on Wednesday, and had forgotten I had plans post work, so I took it as a rest day.

Friday: Trail run + Weights – partial SUCCESS! I did a 7.55 mile trail run (at an embarrassingly slow 13:13 pace – it was MUDDY!), but did not make it to weights.

Saturday: Rest (and by rest, I mean spend 4 hours planting trees) – SUCCESS! I, along with my kick-ass neighbor & a bunch of other NoPo residents planted over 400 trees! My group planted 9- and that is a workout! My arms & back were SORE today!

Sunday: Long run – complete & total SUCCESS! (10 miles at an 11:02 pace – just exactly where I want to be for my long runs! Yay!)

26 miles of running – best week in AGES!
Counting two hours of tree planting, I got in 8 hours & 24 minutes of activity this week.
I stretched after every run!

Training Goals – 2/8 – 2/14

Monday: weights

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles)

Wednesday: Waterfront run (4-5 miles)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Trail run (7-8 miles) + Swim

Saturday: Weights + Bike

Sunday: Long run (12 miles)

My goal – 4 runs; 2 weights; 1 swim; 1 bike; stretch after every run; foam roll Tuesday/Friday/Sunday

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